Silent Dinner Party London

We’re gearing up for some Silent Dinner Parties in London. Hooray!

The dates will be between October 16th and 31st 2013. Want to come? I’m taking bookings now and could do with some helpers on the events if you’re that way inclined, be lovely to have you on board. There is also still an opening for a host venue, so if you have a house that would be just perfect for this, or would like to be involved or have any questions about how you can get involved, drop me a line on the ‘attend’ page here.

I’ll be trying out some new ideas with the London mob, I do wonder what you pommy lot will do with this! There have been a number of English guests at Silent Dinners around the world to date, you lot have popped up every where and are always a good laugh.. I wonder what shenanigans will surface on your home turf!

More soon – I’ll confirm dates here as they lock in but regardless register your interest as seats will, as always be tightly limited to the capacity of the host homes.

Silent Dinner Parties on the Front Page of ABCnews in the US

The silent dinner parties are on the front page of the lifestyle section of ABCnews in the US today! Reporter Joanna Prisco introduces some interesting statistics about how we are increasingly intolerant of noise and crowds while we are eating.

It seems the experience is spreading ;) how wonderful! The more Silent Dinner Parties in the world the better! I will be mounting more in the US at the end of the year. If you would like to be involved in that process drop me a line. For now I am scheduling the events in Europe over the next couple of months.. so you can also buzz me about that if you would like to be involved in any way, as a host venue or a participant.

Check the article out here:

Melbourne Bound!

The Silent Dinner Parties are headed to Melbourne, and there will be 3 happening as a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival on October 4th, 5th and 6th. It’s super exciting! I love Melbourne, and so it feels like bringing the project home. I have had one Silent Dinner Party in Melbourne before, in 2009, but that was private event and so this is the first time the experience is being offered to the public.

After returning from an intense and overwhelming experience mounting the project in New York earlier this year, I am super keen to see how the Melburnians, being Australia’s ‘cultural capital’ rival the New Yorkers for joining in and pushing the boundaries!

We have been offered a beautiful family house in inner Melbourne to host the events in, thanks to Mag Kearney and family. Our chef is the talented Emma James, who has cooked for two Silent Dinners in the past, both of which were completely vegan menus, one with a Moroccan slant, and the other Thai influenced. I’m not going to leak what this mean is all about just yet, but it’ll be a vegetarian banquet straight from the heart. 
The rest of the crew is coming together and we have some wonderful characters floating around. I can’t wait to lock down to the run with them.

Tickets are $55 including the three course meal and are available now through the festival website. 
If you would like to come along and help instead of paying for a ticket, no worries, please drop a line to
I look forward to seeing you soon Melbourne!

Silent Dinner a la Mexicana in the making!

A Silent Dinner will take place in Mexico City on August 21st. It’ll be in Condesa, and is 60 pesos. We are taking bookings now, so if you’d like to come drop a line to As usual, if you would like to come and help on the night instead of paying for a ticket, just drop me a line!

I look forward to not talking to you!

Una invitacion a cenar en silencio

silent dinner party es una cena comun y corriente
con excepción de las siguientes sugerencias.

Por favor no uses palabras o tu voz
Por favor no leas o escribas
Trata de hacer el menor ruido posible
Por favor no uses tecnología para comunicarte
Mantente en silencio por lo menos 2-3 horas

Reservaciones en:
costo 60 pesos

si no puedes cobrir el precio de la entrada  y te gustaría venir, puedes ayudar en algo durante la cena.
¡Estoy ansiosa de no hablar contigo!

¡Silent Dinner Party a la Mexicana!

Prepping some Summer Silence NYC stylz

A Silent Dinner Party is happening in New York City, on Monday August 6th at 8.30 pm. Yay! The event is supported by Splatterpool Artspce and will be held in their hybrid art and living space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which has in the past been host to many an underground dinner party, so it’s nicely warmed up. Check them out.

The menu will be summery vegetarian delights in a cook by colour sensibility :: bright, light and complex to match the days here and combat the swelter. Places at the table are limited and reservations are necessary. You can book by phoning +1 347 707 9612 or emailing  The event is $25 a person including the meal, and all proceeds go to supporting the new and wonderful Bedford Baking Studio on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg where the coffee is second to none! If you can’t afford a ticket but would like to come, you’re welcome to help on the night, just holler.

See ya when I’m not talking to ya!

Mexico and the US quietly approaching

The Silent Dinner parties are heading to New York City and Mexico City in July and August 2012. The word is now out for potential hosts! If you are interested in hosting a Silent Dinner with me in your home, drop me a line real soon. If you would like to come to one in any of these cities, drop me a line as well, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted, otherwise just check back in here on the attend page in the coming few weeks as times and places get decided.

SDPs in a month of Australian art at Zico House, Beirut

During the month of January, the fabulous Zico house in central Beirut has a focus on Australian art supported by the Australian embassy in Lebanon. As apart of this, a Silent Dinner Party is set to take place at the artists residence at Zico House on Jan 19th from 8.30 pm.  We are now taking bookings, so drop me an email if you would like to come.

I will need to be in touch with all guests before the night, to find out if you have any food allergies or dietary requirements.  The event is ticketed and costs 15,000 LP or $10 USD and you can get your tix over email. As always, if you would like to come and help out instead of buying a ticket, wonderful, give us a holler. Myself and the wonderful Ms Dei El-Ayoubi will be hosting the event with the help of Zico.  It’s going to be a blast.  The food in Lebanon has been aMaZiNg so far, I can’t wait to get amongst it in the kitchen with Firas from the good food collective. There’s lots of space at Zico’s so we can host more than normal for this one!  I can’t wait ! !  What a great city too!

There is a FB group that you can drop into and stay in touch with updates etc

Or check out Zico House at

Won’t chat with you soon :)

Beirut SDP Poster

Silent Dinners head to the Middle East!

Exciting news, the Silent Dinner parties will tour in Beirut and Dubai in January 2012. There are some pretty exciting host venues on the horizon – and some skeptical locals thinking that it just aint possible to be quiet for that long!! Even suggesting that I impliment fines for people who talk!! ha! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. The SDP requests are ‘requested guidelines’, not even rules let alone laws punishable by fines, but hey, should prove for some colourful dinner bonanzas. Colour doesn’t make noise, does it?