Articles, Reviews and critics thoughts on the SDPs

Below are some links to writings, projects and other places you will find the Silent Dinners. Enjoy exploring!

Silent Dinner Parties, by Honi Ryan. Else Journal of Art, issue 0, pg 118, Transart Institute press 2014.

World’s Biggest Silent Dinner Party Coming To Sydney, by Emily Blatchford, Huffington Post Australia. Sept 13, 2015.

Project Anywhere – Art at the outermost limits of site specificity. A project by Dr. Sean Lowry.

Bangs, No Fringe. Simon Eales. Front Row Arts, Inpress, Melbourne, October 2012

Silent Dinner Parties. Lucas de Boer. Buzzcuts Arts review, Express Media, Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 17th, 2012.

What is a Silent Dinner Party, Honi Ryan teaches Beirut how to eat in silence, Nadine Elali, Lebanon Now, Jan 20, 2012.

Monuments To Heroic Failure, Dr Sean Lowry in Broadsheet Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture, 2008.

Eating Their Words, Anne Majumdar in The Sydney Morning Herald, Good Living Guide, June 17 2011.

Silent Dinner Parties, Hazel Flynn (ed), Readers Digest, The Guide, Cover, Nov 2010.

Not Quite Nigella, 2010

In The Pursuit of Silence, Danika Houghton.  Australian Independent Journalism, Arts & Culture, 2010.

Sitting In Silence, Danika Houghton. Australian Independent Journalism, Arts & Culture, 2010.

Rip It Up – Fringe Wrap. Jenny Roesler, Rip It Up Streetpress, Adelaide, Australia, March 2012. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page.

There have been some exciting publications on the Silent Dinners lately. First of all I would like to congratulate Sonia Nair, whose review of the first Silent Dinner Party for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012 won express media review of the year for 2012. It was a pretty special occasion, and Sonia’s review is indeed a lovely piece of writing. In Sonia’s words “I believe the award bears testament to the unique nature of the event which rendered my review all the more interesting :)” Read it here.

Also, in 2012, a student of the University of Amsterdam submitted her thesis for a Master of Artistic Research in the Humanities titled How do we value hospitality today? Taking hospitaity further based on the examples of Kipras Dubauskas ‘Lost Hour’ and Honi Ryan’s Silent Dinner Party. The candidate Weronika A. Zielinska did very well with her thesis, my congrats go out to her achievement on a paper I thoroughly enjoyed reading! Sooper Dooper Yay! Weronika also runs the artist run initiative Upominki in Rotterdam.


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