Silent Dinner a la Mexicana in the making!

A Silent Dinner will take place in Mexico City on August 21st. It’ll be in Condesa, and is 60 pesos. We are taking bookings now, so if you’d like to come drop a line to As usual, if you would like to come and help on the night instead of paying for a ticket, just drop me a line!

I look forward to not talking to you!

Una invitacion a cenar en silencio

silent dinner party es una cena comun y corriente
con excepción de las siguientes sugerencias.

Por favor no uses palabras o tu voz
Por favor no leas o escribas
Trata de hacer el menor ruido posible
Por favor no uses tecnología para comunicarte
Mantente en silencio por lo menos 2-3 horas

Reservaciones en:
costo 60 pesos

si no puedes cobrir el precio de la entrada  y te gustaría venir, puedes ayudar en algo durante la cena.
¡Estoy ansiosa de no hablar contigo!

¡Silent Dinner Party a la Mexicana!

New York Silent Dinner

Silent Pulse

New York, Thank you, what an insane experience for me! That was soooo much fun! We sat 47 at that table in that heat.

I do admit that forming percussion groups isn’t exactly my idea of ‘making as little noise as possible’ – but with such a buzz in the city I guess we can expect a beat, and you guys nailed it! Spontaneous group rhythm, Nudity, Dancing, blindfolds, limbo, laughter.. a lot of things to clap…

A huge releasing shout out to you all for coming.. I’m now digesting!