The Silent Dinners are hosted by interdisciplinary artist, Honi Ryan, who is based between Berlin, Germany and the Blue Mountains, Australia and has been hosting these events around the world since 2006. During that time, the project has been graced and embraced by some wonderful individuals and groups, each of whom have added their unique flavour and inspiration to the events. From the hosting households and institutions to the guest chefs and servers, to all the participants, it’s evident that the age-old connections we make over food does not depend on the words around it.

It’s Honi’s voice you hear on this blog, you can contact her directly on the form below. Honi would like to send a particular shout out to the following for helping make the project possible:

Henri Nuko, Susan Westre, Rilka Oakley and the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, The Karachi Biennale, VASL Artists’ Collective KarachiLahore Biennale Foundation, The Goethe Institute Pakistan, Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, The Goethe Institut Barcelona, Kerri Glasscock and The Sydney Fringe Festival, Hayley West, Charmaine O’Brien and The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Antonietta Darc, Margaret Emery, Ayesha Mehta, Dei El-Ayoubi, Firas Yatbokh and The Good Food Collective Lebanon, Zico House Beirut, Silvia Alvaro, Kylee Kay, Owen Ryan, Sean Lowry, Emma James, Vera Rourke and Caleb Franco, The Kearney/Viola family, Hibernian House in Sydney and Splatterpool Artspace in New York.

tHaNk yoU aLL x

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