Silence Forever

One of the London SDP guests left this anonymous note behind after the meal:

“There is a day in everyone’s life

when he or she is Silenced forever.

The ultimate truth of Life is Death

This is a celebration of death!”


I found this a really beautiful response.

Silence is impossible in Life, our bodily functions make sure of that.

Only Death holds silence’s true promise. Reason to celebrate death for sure!

Thank you anonymous guest, for this wonderful and poetic reminder.


Silent Dinner Party London

We’re gearing up for some Silent Dinner Parties in London. Hooray!

The dates will be between October 16th and 31st 2013. Want to come? I’m taking bookings now and could do with some helpers on the events if you’re that way inclined, be lovely to have you on board. There is also still an opening for a host venue, so if you have a house that would be just perfect for this, or would like to be involved or have any questions about how you can get involved, drop me a line on the ‘attend’ page here.

I’ll be trying out some new ideas with the London mob, I do wonder what you pommy lot will do with this! There have been a number of English guests at Silent Dinners around the world to date, you lot have popped up every where and are always a good laugh.. I wonder what shenanigans will surface on your home turf!

More soon – I’ll confirm dates here as they lock in but regardless register your interest as seats will, as always be tightly limited to the capacity of the host homes.