Marrickville Town Hall – Sydney Fringe Festival Keynote Closing Event 2015.

For the Sydney Fringe Festival’s keynote closing event this year, we are hosting Honi Ryan’s international performance art project – Silent Dinner Parties. After having booked out runs globally, including Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, the Silent Dinner project returns to its hometown to quietly unite Sydney folk with its biggest banquet yet. We invite you to join us at Marrickville Town Hall as we shuffle up social norms, and see what communication morphs into over a delectable three-course dinner without words.

The meal is prepared by Sydney’s Studio NEON chefs who are constantly looking for something creative, challenging and a little outside the box. They are contributing to an inspirational evening as part of the silent dinner series with a local, seasonal, menu filled with lots of colour, texture and flavour to keep your senses captivated.

Come and play with the possibilities of making connections in different ways, as we dine together in silence.

If you would like to participate in the event for free there are spaces open to volunteer staff for the night. Send your expression of interest to

Reserve your seats here.

Wowsers!! We won the big Sydney / New Zealand Tour Ready Award at the Sydney Fringe Festival Thank you so much Sydney