Sydney, Paddington Town Hall.

What an incredible evening… Last night was the largest Silent Dinner to date indeed with 200 people in attendance at the Paddington Town Hall, and most definitely one of the most playful!

Let’s see –

A a killer dancefloor worshiping a silent DJ; one woman adorning everyone’s napkins (known as the Bride or the Scarecrow); a game of cricket; a massive macarena; plastic fruit tennis and flying apples; the solidarity and strength of the silent standing protests to quiet noisy folks; tug of war; peace flags; napkin hats; delicious dessert; more plastic fruit (confiscated ;); pavlova; many a meaningful gaze; belly laughs and genuine hugs.

We can’t help but peel off some layers and access the parts of our perception that normally lies beneath the top coat of words. To acknowledge the subtleties and complexities of communication, and reflect on our interactions and broader social behaviours.

I must say there were quite a few phones pulled out last night — the device addiction is deep: 2 hours seems to be just tooooo loooong, which is totally crazy!

What a beautiful room we had at the Paddington Town Hall. My heartfelt thanks go to The Sydney Fringe who produced the Silent Dinner with such care and support, it is quite overwhelming, you guys really are rocking it as one of the best supporting entities for artists in Sydney, and quite frankly the best festival I have ever worked with — two years running. Love your work! And to all the volunteers, staff and caterers that made the night happen, you guys were solid, and led it with grace.

And to ALL YOU PARTICIPANTS — FOR BEING IT! Yourselves, in the moment, mindfully; playfully and bravely.

honi x