Wondering what it is that you ate, but couldn’t ask?

The food just gets better and better, thanks to the wonderful collaborations from people around the world, and continues to be one of my favourite aspects to play with and learn from. The menus are vegetarian, many of the dishes are vegan, and have won the silent stomachs of many.

Here is some how to joy for the delectable delights served at the Silent Dinners. I’m currently getting these recipes together and will be updating it regularly, so check back soon as more are posted up.

The Love Stack

Baked Almond Soy Mushrooms

Patrick’s Foul

Dei’s Roast tomatoes

Polenta Slice

I have always mustered a giggle when reviewers chance a guess at what it was they ate, although most have been at least close! Here is a snippet of what Art Reviewer Lucas DeBoer said about the food at the Adelaide Fringe SDPs in 2012:

“… the food served at the Silent Dinner Party was such an integral part of the evening that it would be wrong for me not to mention it. Again, no reading or writing through the whole evening, so no menu – I’m relying on my memory…

The food had a definite Indian theme, starting with an entrée of spiced pumpkin soup served with herbed pita bread, followed by a lemony, peppery rice dish as main. The main was accompanied by a range of other dishes, including a sort of tomato- and chickpea-based stew, a green salad with pine nuts and dressing, and orange slices topped with herbs and small cubes of beetroot – definitely a new taste for me! Dessert was a real highlight – ice cream topped with saffron fairy floss, with a cardamom- and cinnamon-infused crumble and rose syrup. Delectable!”

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