Adelaide Fringe 2013 Silent Dinner Madness

hey Adelaide Fringe goers .. it seems you are starving for Silence! Well, me too :)

The 3 nights have already all booked out for the festival this year. I will be making sure that some more seats become available so if you are trying to reserve a place check back with the festival mid feb – and if you still can’t snag a seat, drop me an email and I’ll pop you on the wait list –

Over here in SDP land the magical Miss Antonietta and I are conjuring up some delectable delights for you, and cannot wait to start stirring up the pot! Meanwhile, the crew has moved into technicolour as the wonderful Bravo Child, an artist from Sydney has decided to join us to help out on the nights. Bravo has a penchant for spoken word, let’s see how that translates in this scenario – and is a gamer at heart, so perhaps Adelaide will give the  Dubai Gamesters a run for their levitation…?


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